90° EPDM air intake elbow that complies with the
increased expectations of modern diesel and gas powered engines.
Available for OEM and aftermarket

Feature Benefits

  • Specifically formulated EPDM Compound
  • Vacuum collapse rating exceeds 4″ Hg. Mercury
  • Recommended for temperatures: – 60°F to + 300°F Duty
  • Complies with physical properties requirements of ASTM D2000 3BA715A14B13C12F17
  • 70 ± 5 Shore A Hardness
  • 1500 PSI Tensile, minimum
  • 250% Elongation, minimum
  • Air age, 70 Hrs. at 100 Degrees C
  • Durometer Change, +10, max
  • Tensile Change, -25%, max
  • Elongation Change, -25%, max
  • Comp. Set, Method B, at 70 Degrees C. 25% ma
  • Ozone Resistance, D1171, Method B, Quality Retention Rating :100%
  • Low temp. Brittleness, D2137, Method A. Non Brittle After 3 Minutes at -40 degrees C.
Part Number ID A LL R T
CRL05190 51 89 38 51 5
CRL05790 57 95 38 57 5
CRL06390 63 102 38 63 6
CRL07690 76 133 38 95 6
CRL08990 89 140 51 89 6
CRL10290 102 146 32 114 6
CRL10290SR 102 146 70 76 6
CRL11490 114 140 51 89 6
CRL12790 127 155 41 114 6
CRL14090 140 165 44 120 6
CRL15290 152 171 44 127 6
CRL15290SR 152 127 41 89 6
CRL17890 178 192 51 141 8
CRL20390 203 216 51 165 9
CRL25490 254 266 51 216 9

All Dimensions in Millimeters
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